Improve your copywriting and marketing skills

I've grown my own freelance business to 6-figures... twice (had to rebuild after almost losing an eye).

I've made millions of dollars for client businesses.

All through writing the right words to the right people at the right time.

Have-a-Word is where I share everything I've learned when it comes to making money online through the written word.

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"After Pete convinced me to get on the content rates went from $150 per article to $800 in 6 months."

Dan McDermott -

Freelance writing course

"It’s probably saved me about six months of floundering and got me moving in the right direction."

Sam Sinha -

"As a fellow writer, I've found Pete's training materials to be some of the best in the business."

- Richard Rowlands -

"Pete shifted my paradigm from a freelance writer happy to land one-off gigs to a consultant landing four-figure contracts."

Terry Montgomery -

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"If you want to do it like the pros, let Pete be your guide."

Dan Jones -

freelance, writing, course

"Sure, feel free to throw your cash at the abundance of other freelance training opportunities out there. With all the misguidance they commonly entail. Pete, however, calls out their bullshit with sure-fire alternatives to help boost your takings and bring in those clients."

Hugh Thomas -

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